Customized logistics services

Picking (Assembly of various products, customized by destination)

We have experience in managing complex projects that require the collection and packaging of products of various types in predefined sets and preparation for delivery to multiple destinations, based on customer-specified distribution lists.


Our products are delivered in various types of packaging, suitable for the purpose and type of shipment, while ensuring minimum costs. We deliver both individual packages (packaged in paper of various assortments or cardboard boxes) and palletized packages.

Packaged products are labeled for precise and rapid identification and the entire process is performed and verified by qualified personnel.

Co-packing (Attaching accessories or samples to the printed product)

We attach to the products printed by us various samples or accessories supplied by customers and we obtain the packaging kits in the final form of presentation or placement on the shelf.


We ensure the door-to-door or logistics center delivery of over 10 tons of products daily, through our own modern transport fleet. We distribute our products in over 15.00 locations every month, and with the help of our specialized subcontractors, we reach any national or international destination in a maximum of 48 hours. The distribution activity is constantly monitored and the transport routes are optimized using a centralized GPS system. Deliveries can be made 7 days a week, the limitation being given only by the client's work schedule.

The customer can obtain delivery details online at any time, the system being perfectly transparent.



We offer our customers the opportunity to store products made in large runs so that delivery is gradual. Thus, our customers can opt for large runs, with a low unit cost and gradual delivery, minimizing logistics costs.